Paulette & Kevin Batcheck~ Voluntown Connecticut
     Welcome to Lavender Hill Farm  Alpacas

           Why Lavender Hill Farm Alpacas?
A lot of thought went in to the naming of our farm.
For many years we have grown Lavender in small quantities. Lavender is known for its calming, healing and regenerative properties.

Alpacas  are  also known to help ease stress, and to calm and sooth people.  You will hear many alpaca farmer talk about just sitting with thier alpacas and watching them graze,especially after a  long day of work. They will all tell you how good being around alpacas makes you feel.

Thank you for visiting our site and our alpacas!

             Paulette and Kevin Batcheck

Lavender Hill Farm, LLC
411 Beach Pond Road
Voluntown, CT 06384

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